Available Positions at BowTie Carpet Cleaning

1.)  Technical Cleaning Services

  • Hot Water Extraction (HWE) cleaning
  • Operating the truck and the truck-mounted HWE cleaning system parked outside in the driveway or street
  • Carpet, hard-surface floors, shower walls, upholstery
  • Residential homes, duplexes, apartments
  • Commercial, offices, restaurants, daycares, etc
  • Operating the cleaning tools used inside the home or business including the in-line sprayer, power brush machine, wand tools, power extraction machine, etc

2.) Services Coordination (begin 03/18/2022)

  • This position can/may/will be performed remote from the projects or the office.
  • This position requires skills in working with customer requests over the phone.
  • A clear, cheerful, positive voice is very important. Articulate speech. Fast note-taking.
  • Schedule cleaning inspections using cloud based scheduling system
  • Coordinate the inspection schedule with the business schedule
  • Perform “completed job” follow-up reporting with customers via phone
  • Manage the phone-answering coverage involving other BowTie team members
  • This position is the first point of contact with customers.  It is the voice of BowTie.

3.) Data Systems Management (begin 04/18/2022)

  • Office management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Phone answering (per phone coverage schedule)
  • Human Resources paperwork, filing, copying etc
  • Payroll reporting to payroll processing service
  • Accounts payable (prepare checks for authorized signature)
  • Workers Compensation paperwork & filing
  • OSHA documentation
  • Wisconsin sales tax reporting
  • Monthly website updates
  • Reputation management, reviews, social media

4.) Equipment Management (upcoming position beginning in summer 2022)

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment staging and preparation on cleaning projects
  • Assist with equipment operation

5.)  Field Services Coordination/Leadership (begin when job volumes accelerate)

  • Cleaning project advance preparation
  • Furniture & belongings management
  • Pre-vacuuming
  • Application of the cleaning agent
  • Brush agitation of the cleaning agent into the carpet/upholstery/hard surface floors 
  • Assist the “Hot Water Extraction” (HWE) crew on their start-up
  • Set carpet drying fans after rooms/areas are HWE cleaned
  • Reset furniture and belongings, and pack up all items used to support the cleaning project. 
  • Summarize the project with the customer and collect payment

6.)  Apprentice to “Field Services Coordination” (begin when job volumes accelerate)

  • Assists in all responsibilities of field service preparation except for the leadership role.  This position reports to the group leader and executes all of the functions, but does not execute the leadership function.


7.) Business Managment

  • Education and skills development coaching
  • Marketing/Advertising activities
  • Takes out the garbage, sweeps the floor etc
  • Equipment & supplies acquisitions 
  • Turns wrenches, fixes things
  • Trouble shooting
  • BowTie service brand performance training/reviews
  • Service writing, manages operations 
  • Laundry duties
  • Signs all the checks
  • Deposits all cleaning revenues in the bank
  • Solves all problems that no one else can or wants to solve
  • Purchases new “cleaning toys”
  • Disciplinary activites
  • Pinch hitting on the cleaning crews
  • Risk management and “better ways of doing things” management
Methods of Compensation

Methods of compensation participation in BowTie Carpet Cleaning

2022 Employment/Career Opportunities (Simple Bonus Plan) Paid quarterly based upon hours worked

2022 Business and/or Investment Opportunities (Matching Bonus Plan) Paid/Invested quarterly and also based upon hours worked.



In 2022, BowTie Carpet Cleaning offers:

  1. Hourly employment opportunities (hourly pay with simple bonus pay)
  2. Hourly employment/investment opportunities (hourly pay with 50% match bonus pay *investment plus)
  3. Salaried management opportunities (salaried with simple bonus pay)
  4. Salaried management /investment opportunities (salaried with 50% match bonus pay *investment plus)
  5. Investor opportunities, equity shares purchased outright


*Investment Plus…  this is when employees agree to use 75% to 100% their bonus pay to purchase equity shares. The value of a 1% equity share is $2,000.  Any amount can be invested up to 49% of the business equity in the qualifiying service area until the second service area is established and fully operational for at least one quarter in any fiscal year. Appleton/Oshkosh metro is the first service area.  Green Bay metro is the second service area.  Central Wisconsin will provide at least three smaller service areas.  Western Wisconsin will provide 2-3 smaller service areas.


Current positions openings:

    • Technical Cleaning Services, HWE operation
    • Taking applications immediately (Beginning March 18, 2022)
    • (see “Position Description” above)
    • Full Time 40 hours
    • Part Time available/possible
    • Flex hours possible (daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal etc)
    • Candidacy qualifying period  up to two weeks
    • Benefits vesting period three months at 40 hours/week, part time may take longer.
    • Continued employment past three months is contingent upon “better than average” performance in the 3-month probationary period. Performance feedback is provided every 5 to 8 working days.
    • Merit pay based upon physical ability to execute the duties/responsibilities along with the ability and/or willingness to honor the BowTie service brand

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